Thursday, January 15, 2009

He or She

Everytime, we go for a scan, My over inquisitive mom & dad,will ask us to pry & find out the sex of the baby.

Everytime I stare & peer at the screen with the sole intent, all I get to see is a black bubly image staring at us & slowly moving.

In Almost 2 consecutive scans, the radiologist egged on that the baby is sleeping with its one hand under the head and legs crossed one over the other. Just like ur lazy dada.

Oldies said, 8th month scan, things will be clear. But the smart radiologist,asked H to sit down & wait, said will show at the end of the scan.

At the end, elle dit-'this is the head, eyes, noses, hands et oh la, elle arrêté là. In a flash of a second, just brought it down and took it back'.

In a lightning moment , I think I saw something tiny, weeny, dangling out there.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time Flies by

It looked as if in June, we were patiently checking out the kit for a small invisible positive line. See it grow faithfully day by day.The bolder the line, the happier, I became-'A Mom'. As soon as slight, feeble trace showed up, my parents, sis started to pray fervently.

God heard them !!! H & I choked. He was happy & relieved more of giving a grandson to his father.

U r a miracle to me. Unlike all mothers, I watched u grow from the time u were just 1.1 mm smal, like a small seed grow. Aggressive prayers of ur granpa, granma & ur gitama, saw u burst & join. Each day on the scan, was a miracle of God. My papa fought with his god and made him answer.

The time I knew u were formed into life,breathing, u were 40mm in size.

God sent his angel to make this happen. The day I started to consult, Dr. NR,things started to grow positive. Gods hands through her, blessed life into me.
You gave me recognition, breathing space & relief.

This year, Feb end, I await you joyously.