Monday, January 19, 2009

One Night @ the Call Center

I happened to read this book on Sunday. My reviews about this book.
Its a mellow, bubble gum flavoured personal events that happen within one night in a call center. Its weaved with a typical type of events that happen in our day to day office life.

The characters are youthful-Shyam(our Protagonist), Priyanka(his ex lady love), Radhika, Esha, Vroom.
- Shyam has all talents, but 'NIL CONFIDENCE',
- Priyanka(dumps him after a 4 yr stunt with Shyam for well settled guy in US)
- Esha(aspiring model who is bent on doing anything for a modeling career)
- Vrooooooom(cool guy)
- Bakshi(their incomptent Boss)
Its like a Paul Cohen Novel. Chetan inspires us with some confidence as the book progresses. He leaves us positive & satisfied in life. To count on the superior power. Overall its a good read.

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