Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time Flies by

It looked as if in June, we were patiently checking out the kit for a small invisible positive line. See it grow faithfully day by day.The bolder the line, the happier, I became-'A Mom'. As soon as slight, feeble trace showed up, my parents, sis started to pray fervently.

God heard them !!! H & I choked. He was happy & relieved more of giving a grandson to his father.

U r a miracle to me. Unlike all mothers, I watched u grow from the time u were just 1.1 mm smal, like a small seed grow. Aggressive prayers of ur granpa, granma & ur gitama, saw u burst & join. Each day on the scan, was a miracle of God. My papa fought with his god and made him answer.

The time I knew u were formed into life,breathing, u were 40mm in size.

God sent his angel to make this happen. The day I started to consult, Dr. NR,things started to grow positive. Gods hands through her, blessed life into me.
You gave me recognition, breathing space & relief.

This year, Feb end, I await you joyously.


Navita said...

hey thats so touching....congratulations Gita.

Navita said...

thanks for stopping by ...n now don't be a stranger :)

Malar Gandhi said...

Congrats & Take Care...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog...Gita & I used to exchange comments almost to every single post. Thats nice to meet you around...

Coming to Tamil, I can talk and write (using English letters) & read a little bit, my second language was Hindi...hope you understand!