Friday, March 6, 2009

Candles, Caramels et Love

For each of my bday, he cuts me a surprise midnight cake(though it was a surprise only the first time)Immediately within days after our marriage, my bday, it was a real pleasant happiness for me, when he woke me up in the middle of the night. It was mushy, mushy and gushy night.

The first year after our marriage, I had a small belief that my Scarlet Pimpernal will repeat it. Yes, I saw him bring it in stealthily,as secretly as possible,... Hide it in the other room. All the cloak & dagger, left no surprise. Though I had to pretend all along for my cherub that I didn't know. Give a fake surprise, a loud cry of happiness to dupe it all.

The Second year, my smarty learnt the trick. He came home,didn't notice any bulge in his bag. Nothing to betray on his face.Angry that this fellow forgot it. We had our dinner. He should have forgotten it.

Clock ticked on, 11.30 nothing

11.45, no signs of any emotions. He kept on to watch TV

12.00, he slept peacefully. Every now & then, I cocked my head to see if he is stirring. Nothing , nothing happend.

12.15, I got frustrated, I shook him up, he didn;t stir a bone. I gave him a sidelong kick & slept.
Suddenly around 1.3o, he woke me up and took me to the other room. My heart touched to see the small table pulled up and the baby candles.


Gita's Kitchen said...

Hey monkey trail back to my blog. I have something waiting for you :)

Anonymous said...

nice reading you...cute and lovely

Ammu said...

Cute & lovely to read ur posting.

Sathya Sankar said...

hey , first time here. Enjoyed reading your posts, very lively & lovely :)

Rajalakshmi said...

Lovely post... Wow!! good to feel your/his love. Am addicted to read your blogs now! lol!!