Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nitty-Gritties of Ready Made Cooking

Cooking--------. Its a subject of passion for some of my blogger friends. Well, to boast abt my culinary skills, I'm a pathetic cook.

My sis used to watch different TV shows, scoop up all cook books in the market. When she was in college, she had a collection of books by Malika badrinath. Whenever a show of hers was telecasted, we used to make fun of her, saying her MIL's show is going on.

My lunch items are as follows:
1. Carrot Rice
2. Tomato Rice
3. Egg Rice
4. Lemon RIce
5. Dhall

With any veggie with each of those.You can mix, toss & make any of these easily.
Ideal for office goers.

My refrigerator & shelves will be stocked up with
brown bread, eggs and kellogs & maggi atta
noodles, ready made rice noodles, puttu flour,
raggi flour.

Other essential must have are Ginger garlic
pastes, rasam powder, parrupu podi ------------

i think i'm a far better cook than my friend, who
used to make tea, by boiling hot water & milk
separately and mixing both together in a tumber
to be served -:)