Saturday, May 16, 2009

A beautiful poem from a lovely lady

This poem is from a very sweet & lovely lady called Mary. My sis' friend. I love you dear. Thanks for including me in your prayers.

I have a friend so pure and so true..
Her name is Tota (berry) and I love her so..

She also has a dream

I am praying for her, too
I feel so old.. a lot older than she & you
I have seen many griefs and tasted pain every day anew
My heart was torn apart in different ways
for me, for others, and for people whom I never knew
I assure you that the sun will rise
Just lift up your eyes to Heaven and ask Him who created you
Tell Him I am a soul that is searching for you...I am looking everywhere high and low

Do I get to meet with you?
Do I get to see you?
Do I get to touch my dream bestowed upon me from you..?
You care for the sparrows and teach them to flyyou care for even the worms and feed them when they are behinds rocks..
The mountains are so beautiful, but how can I see beauty?
My heart is griefing and I am bringing it to you


Sakshi said...

That's so touching and lovely...

Ammu said...

Lovely poem. Like to read again and again. Just superb.