Friday, June 26, 2009

Premonitions or dismiss it as churnout of an Overworked out mind

Call it premonitions or psychic. I have the unusual habit of imagining as the bus goes over a flyover or bridge. What happens if it falls. Where I will be when it happens, caught in it or heroically saving people. I can see stones hurled my way. Fine, I have been used to this strange thinking habit of thinking about my co travelers, imagining how their day to day lives will be.

I had a 1 year plan, 5 year tentative road map & long term objective for my lost little one. H screams at me, if I ever utter a word.
I ‘m blessed this way

There is a house in Adyar, a very old one, it somehow drives me mad. A very old, white washed house, with a portico having 2 big white pillars. It has a small lawn in the front. First floor has a quaint window, a small balcony in first floor.
May be I fancied the house, it has subconsciously struck me.