Friday, June 26, 2009

Premonitions or dismiss it as churnout of an Overworked out mind

Call it premonitions or psychic. I have the unusual habit of imagining as the bus goes over a flyover or bridge. What happens if it falls. Where I will be when it happens, caught in it or heroically saving people. I can see stones hurled my way. Fine, I have been used to this strange thinking habit of thinking about my co travelers, imagining how their day to day lives will be.

I had a 1 year plan, 5 year tentative road map & long term objective for my lost little one. H screams at me, if I ever utter a word.
I ‘m blessed this way

There is a house in Adyar, a very old one, it somehow drives me mad. A very old, white washed house, with a portico having 2 big white pillars. It has a small lawn in the front. First floor has a quaint window, a small balcony in first floor.
May be I fancied the house, it has subconsciously struck me.


Viji said...

u remind me of my another friend Vandya, not just by looks you style of writing resembles yours too.. keep writing.. you write with ease and relax who reads them too..

Viji said...

sry it's 12 in the night..lots of typos forgive me.. goin to sleep now...tata