Friday, January 15, 2010

Whispers to the Wind

Read it as a beautiful verse and forget it. Nothing to hurt or upset anyone. This had been lying in my drafts for a long time. I neither wanted to publish it nor delete it. Pass on to my other new post.

Sleep little one,
Your eyes tightly shut,
Hands clasped,
In God’s little world,
With little heavens like you.
To there, only innocent souls venture.

I dreamt a dream
Drizzy with frenzied happiness,
Though for a brief moment,
But to last a life time.

Holded you briefly,
Kissed you,
Till my heart ached,
Wishing a hundred times,
That how different it would be,
If you were here.

Sleep little one,
Gently snore your pains away,
Till its time for you,
To bubble in me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Domestic Goddess

Not going to talk about any Sigmond Frued's personality types or any other stuff. Just my observations of compulsive domestic behaviours.

Baby Kangaroos- What do we do with waned bits of soaps. If you cost conservative, well you can stick it to your new bar like a baby kangaroos. In some houses, all used soap goes to kitchen/Toilet for washing hands, after you deal with dirty dishes/things.

Toothbrushes- Some people will chew their brushes. Their brushes will battered and bruised or look like a ruffled hair. In one go, they strain, strain and polish their teeth. Imagining that within one day, their teeth will become like Wrigley's Orbit White cow.
Some brush looks like it untouched for days(like Mine). May be they put it in their mouth and dream and let go of it.

Penny Savings: I have observed some ladies rinse the milk covers to drain even the last drop of milk sticking to it. And the cover will be stuck to the sink wall, to let it dry. It could give you some bucks. This has never worked out with me, stopped it, once my kitchen stinked of drippy, stale milk from the covers.

Cleaning Cloth: Square bits of clothes cut out from any nighties or sarees can serve as drab cleaning cloth to polish your floors. Dirts accumulated can be washed once in a while to make the sink, still more cleaner and fresh with all forms of invisible life.