Saturday, September 11, 2010

God's Own Hands

I'm dedicating this post to a very sweet and special person in my life- Dr.Nithya Ramamurthy.

Divine touch with those blessed hands,
To those that grieved and sought her,
Blessed life through each of them,
Crafted through God’s own sweet hands.

Those that in pain, that sought you,
That little life,
That comes out, by God’s wish,
Through God’s own messenger,
Brought that little life out safely,

May your generations to come,
Be blessed by your noble deed,
Flutter on sweet angel,
Gentleness thy way.




sangeeta said...

Read this poem a couple of days ago and clicked the link to know about the great lady....and forgot to comment here :)

you are quite expressive with words Devasena !!

You commented on my blog that you guys used to make a ragi-drumstick-egg dosa ..... share that recipe or i will keep pestering you girl !!

Gita Jaishankar said...

Very touching poem....really it da :)

Viji said...

:) smiles to you and the great Doc..

Swaram said...

That's so touching!

Anonymous said...

She is a great doctor and person too! So nice of u to dedicate it to her!