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Randomly scribbles poems..

Some random ones that I scribbled in the last one year.. For tonight, I will sleep with you.. Tonight I will sleep with you, My legs are tired, I have walked long, Evening, with its fresh scent of jasmine, Sets the hope so strong, Pots are dry, Children are hungry, O hari hara! Tell me when its time, For I will pass away, As softly as I came. My hands blistered with spading gravel, Neck stiff with carrying bricks, What do I do? O hari hara! For Tonight, I will sleep with you, Never to wake up again. Walking with you.... Holding onto your fancies, Your dimple,   Tangling your curly ripples, To make you giggle Walking with you in my arms Carrying your dreams in my heart You cuddled, gurgled, crawled, All in a rush, Suddenly you walked, Calling me names,   Clutching my dupatta tightly Stop the time dial, Not in a rush, For I’m engrossed in the wearies of life. Pull down the drapes See it in your eyes, Need you back, You

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