Friday, February 3, 2012


Looming cloud drifts away,
Clearing for a new rainbow,
Wishing you good tide,
All the very best,
Drifting away without a trace.
As though I never existed,
But with memories as sweet as ever.
That lurks in deepest corner,
Will always stay in my heart.

To my God sculpted Cupid.......

You walked into my life,
Holding on through years of high n low strife.
A myriad of emotions,
Shaking me with your sweet irritations,
Hugging me with your quick reconcile and love,
Arguing till your face turns dark,
And we graze each other stark.

Wringing my pride,
Tracing you in this world so wide,
To be smothered in your love,
Fluttered to you, like a dove,
To be safe in your arms,
Engulfed by your graceful charms.
Listening to every beat of yours,
Blissful in every movement to come.

My Grandfather's Chevalier Award

My long lost heritage,
Cherished and caressed you,
Bringing a smile to me, every time I stare at you,
Adorning a gold frame and scorning at me mightily,
Placid in my grandma’s drawing room.
Grew up gazing at you, curiously,
From the day I was born.
Both you and I go grow old day by day,
Realizing what you were,
Exuberated in joy.
Will Cherish and caresses you,
Till you shrivel.

Hurry they said, Preserve the Precious,
You swayed in mirth, at their folly,
Continuing to wither and wilt,
Holding on to your glory,
Till whoever completes the race first,
Either you or I!

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