Monday, April 27, 2009

Supercalifragilistic Expialidocious

Back in 2006, our MBA class had a group assignment, to sell a imaginary product to a target audience.Our class had lots of innovative ideas like -selling packaged drinking water through pipes.

Ours was a truly innovative one. Sparked out of my thinking cap. I think u people should accept it, it occasionaly does ???? Sometimes,Never, Rarely.

ONce i had a dream of watching a Walt disney show with my sis, open air on the terrace. It was showcasted not on the projector, it was showcasted on the sky. The picture floated and bended on the curves. Like a kite floating. It was perfectly seaming with the clouds. I just need to get it patented, before Walt Disney steals my idea -:) .

We refined the idea to a LCD TV, ideal for hostel people, portable, u can just project it on a wall & watch. We used a calculator, pretented to switch & change channels. We made nice gimmicks.

It was those lovely days, when u did not care or bother abt anything. U had ur parents to pamper, clothes readily washed & ironed & neatly placed, meals ready.

Guess what, our team won the best marks. No, You are wrong, there were other better entries.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nitty-Gritties of Ready Made Cooking

Cooking--------. Its a subject of passion for some of my blogger friends. Well, to boast abt my culinary skills, I'm a pathetic cook.

My sis used to watch different TV shows, scoop up all cook books in the market. When she was in college, she had a collection of books by Malika badrinath. Whenever a show of hers was telecasted, we used to make fun of her, saying her MIL's show is going on.

My lunch items are as follows:
1. Carrot Rice
2. Tomato Rice
3. Egg Rice
4. Lemon RIce
5. Dhall

With any veggie with each of those.You can mix, toss & make any of these easily.
Ideal for office goers.

My refrigerator & shelves will be stocked up with
brown bread, eggs and kellogs & maggi atta
noodles, ready made rice noodles, puttu flour,
raggi flour.

Other essential must have are Ginger garlic
pastes, rasam powder, parrupu podi ------------

i think i'm a far better cook than my friend, who
used to make tea, by boiling hot water & milk
separately and mixing both together in a tumber
to be served -:)