Thursday, July 9, 2009

Technlogy has improved very much AAAaaaaah

You get a computer installed at your home for your office work. You hardly allow your inquisitive mom to touch it.

Thinking what these baby boomers have to do with computer. They grown up in an era of luxury of working in a Government Office know nothing of these Millenials.

Oh la, then feel sorry for her, teach her to use the mouse painstackingly( like how she taught you to hold ur pencil). Get irritated at times, if the mouse sqeaks out of the screen or if a simple ARROW KEY is not known. Or she stares at the screen if you ask to do a PAGE DOWN, thinking that something has to be done at the monitor to scroll down the page.

You think, URL doesn;t make sense to them, teach only Google & Yahoo messenger.

Weeks later, she teaches you to download songs from a devotional site that you had tried for ages & ages & let go futile.

Feeling embrassed that she is reading ur blog, tried to block off its access from Googe. Like a teenage daughter hiding her boy friends details. THINKING THAT ONLY GOOGLE IS KNOWN TO HER.

Alas little did You know, that she knows to type it correctly,Add it to My Favourites, browses for medicinal information, uses WIKI extensively, watches her daily Tamil Soaps-Arasi, Siva Sakthi in it. Reads your post as soon as it is posted.