Friday, November 13, 2009

Pleasing your Senses :: Ready??

Kiran, my little bro had tagged me sometime back. Only now the time has come for it. This is the tagggggggggg:


1. Those murky corners striking your nose with the pungent smell. All the Worlds a Toilet. Only in India, we are gifted with free Open Door Toilets. As you travel by in a bus, you can see heroes doodling out their hoses on walls, almost anywhere every 10 feet down the line.

Allow me to sit pleazzzzzzzzeeeeee: Rude Ladies, who don’t allow me to sit on the edge seat in a city bus. I request them, telling them that I’ll have to get down in the next 2 stops. Declined, I push myself and my cushions & extra baggage into that narrow crevice and place myself onto the seat. The moment I sit, the place where I have to get down comes. Then I really struggle again. Well for a moment, my Chance, I brush roughly heaving my weight on that sweet lady, until her face contorts.

If you have a stiletto, it would be great. You can also scratch & poke for that rudeness. But unfortunately, I wear a flat sole. Sometimes I wish, I can give her a mild fracture with my gentle foot.

That random stray hair that somehow finds its way into my food. How in the world that I, only I, get to see it. Or Am I gifted with Attention to Details. I’m just pissed off and never touch that food.

Squirmy, orange betel juice sprayed carelessly from the bus window. Lucky if you escape it. As a kid, I used to wonder, whether they gobble some water along with the betel leaves. They churn out such Enormous Production. It dribbles down the lanes, orangy, reddish squash….. Forming various Amoebic forms
It lovely to watch it take vivid forms, unless you horrendously realize that’s SALIVA.

Unclean toilets (let me not dwell into details, considering the peace of my fellow bloggers), that brings your gut to your mouth.