Friday, March 12, 2010

Madura Varutha Curry

Of late, I'm showing an interest in tossing out new dishes. I visit my fellow foodie blogs and strangle them with my over extra dose of my love. Ask them cooking DOUBTS. These poor girls, do come back.. They do.. to clarify my doubts.

But seriously I read line by line of their recipe and alas..tried out a couple of them. Paniyaram(sweet and spicy one) and biryani.

Paniayaram came out well, aiding as a crushing stone coz of poor fermentation. Blame it on the fermentation, they didnt tell me that I had to keep the mixture, to set out for 8 hours.

Biryani was scrumptilicious. H and the old lady in my house(my house keeper, an old lady of 75) just polished the plate. Tried out a new version reading from different ones- Dum Biryani, different varities of mutton biryani. Added a mix of green chillies, garam masala and chilly powder. The end product was really thundering.

It relieved ailing stomach.

Helps to wake up early. Both H and that old lady woke up without an alarm around 5 and sprinted across to the rest room. I had never seen H run so fast in his life. That old lady too...

What you have been yearning for is finally here........

I decided to give something in return for all the love bestowed on me. I'm going to pass on a really, really authentic recipe.

Handed down by women from one generation to another in H's side. From the Kitchens of Madurai ('those black people’ like in Chetan Bhagat's book-Two States of my Marriage). They say that the people of Madurai are violent, angry but affectionate ones(pasakaranga pasanga-meaning affectionate men)

A must in all kitchen: a small plate and a tea spoon to taste as you cook...

Pressure cook mutton with little ready made masala, onion, tomatoes, ginger garlic paste. By the way, Rush to your nearest reliance store and buy & try out Mother's recipie masala for chicken. Priced around 35 bucks, but Absolutely Heavenly.

No more attention deficit. Let me concentrate on the recipe. Splutter some cumin and red chillies in gingely oil in a kadai. Add the cooked mutton.

That sweet husband of mine, doesnt allow me to cook in peace. He has the feel that only his aunts and grandma(aiyama in tamil) can cook it better. He comes in with his folded lungi, takes the ladle from me.. With mopped brows and concentration spills out a generous amount of oil and fries it more.

The Thumb Rule is to add bits/pieces of red chillies, gingely oil for every stir along with a dash of cumin seeds. As he cooks, I look on patiently like a hungry dog. Now and then, he places a small meat on that plate. Eagerly we take turns to taste.

After an hour of stiring & oiling(with cumin & red chili), you get a condensed and tasty madurai curry. Condensed as you would be savouring each step of yours...

Now the secret is out... that's a real one.. I swear............try it out girls.........