Cluttered Mind

Sometimes I wonder why it happened,
Does somebody have an answer for me,
Alone I stand on the top of a mountain,
Bleak & foreboding, emptiness & darkness below,
I'm driving on a lonely night,
Endlessly, the route gets darker & darker,
WIll atleast he come till the end,
This feeling sends creep & chills down my spine

Its like you go to a death,
The grief & remorse of the people there makes you scared of life,
One moment, I saw a mirage, in the wink of an eye, it vanished,
Crudely waken out of a beautiful dream,
I called you my angel,
You truly became one.


Gita Jaishankar said…
Usha, forget everything and get on...You are going to be blessed with a little prince or princess (or both) dear.
Gita Jaishankar said…
Trust me, its going to happen very soon.
Sakshi said…
Hey it's ok...let out your feelings this way and it's gonna be fine soon. I know it's hard to let go off what you have lost and all that pain. But eventually it will go and you will find light as your poem says...It's beautiful I must say...the words touch at the right place...the heart..
Anonymous said…
Thats fine happens sometimes and yes,deva whatever happens,that makes this life worth a journey..Travel..Hey Deva,but your lines are intense..write more and relax..Hugs
anudivya said…
Devasena, I just finished reading all of your blog posts. It is heart breaking.
I just wanted to say you are a very strong girl. I don't have the right words to share with you, and for fear of not coming out right... Be strong.
Sending you hugs your way.
Unknown said…
Dear Usha,

This is a beautiful poem! Please write some more. I am restraining my tears as I read it a second time.

Here is another poem for you...

I wish if I had an answer for you, I can't say that I do.. But, I will pray and pray and pray till your dream come true...

I have a friend so pure and so true..
Her name is Tota (berry) and I love her so..

She also has a dream

I am praying for her, too

I feel so old.. a lot older than she & you

I have seen many griefs and tasted pain every day anew

My heart was torn apart in different ways

for me, for others, and for people whom I never knew

I assure you that the sun will rise
Just lift up your eyes to Heaven and ask Him who created you

Tell Him I am a soul that is searching for you...I am looking everywhere high and low

Do I get to meet with you?
Do I get to see you?
Do I get to touch my dream bestowed upon me from you..?

You care for the sparrows and teach them to fly
you care for even the worms and feed them when they are behinds rocks..
The mountains are so beautiful, but how can I see beauty?
My heart is griefing and I am bringing it to you

Please feel it, please heal it and fill it with joy, too.

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