Drop by Drop of Happiness

Down she came with her dainty small steps, at first,
With her anklets jingling and pattering,
Drenching her lover’s quest,
Soaking him, with all her might,
He, lustily heaved out a waft of sweet earth breath.

The little boys, happy to be let out,
Joyfully and muddily,
With their paper boats,
In wavy lanes, born out of this union,
Mysteriously filling every crevices of his, with her happiness.

Gently she ruffles,
Sending out a pleasant breeze,
With the old and young smiling and breathing pure love,
Couples huddling for warmth,
There she crafts her magic wishfully,
Placing the seed of life on earth.


Ushnish Ghosh said…
Dear Devasena
You are a great poet..well I am not much into poetry but I do read a lot and interpret in my own way ,,I mean I cant see the poet's view point ...but I do get into allk poetry in my own way...
After Madura varutha curry , this is another great one from you....
Will look forward to more from your pen and kitchen
Have a nice and lazy sunday
Viji said…
ditto... i agree with Ushnish... you are a fab poet. devasena :) loved it... ushd write more...
Unknown said…
Lovely, Sis.Keep rocking :)
Namita said…
Really good Devka! Keep it going! Looking forward to reading more of your posts and poems.
sangeeta said…
coming late is good sometimes......i see something new ...and so so beautiful.

such beautiful poetry and as Ushnish said , i make my own interpretations and only sometimes can see the poet's view point ...:)

come on now ....treat us with some more to ponder about....
Itchingtowrite said…
why is your phone off?
even hari not picking up his phone
Viji said…
you changed template? suits your blog :) bright sky and flaming eye... nice combo! waiting for your messages offline :) waiting waiting! take care dear!
Sweatha Sanjana said…
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